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2023 Ohio Career Development Association Conference

A Whole New World: Career Development & Engagement in an Ever-Changing World

May 18th and 19th, 2023

Thursday, May 18th 2023

Time/EventLocation  Details
 2pm-2:45pm: Check-In and Networking Session Griffin Student Center Conference RoomLight refreshments and time to connect with other career professionals
2:45pm-3pm: Presidential Welcome Griffin Student Center Conference Room

President: Dr. Nina Talley

President-Elect: Christine Yancey

Past-President: Dr. Evan Faidley

 3pm-3:45pm: Opening SessionGriffin Student Center Conference Room Jeremy Banta- How to Build (and Maintain) a Personal Network
 4pm-4:45pm: Breakout Session Block #1SEE LOCATION NEXT TO PRESENTATION TITLE

 Nathan Minns- Communicate Like an Improvisor: Fully Listen and Respond- 1 GENERAL CEU (Room: Griffin 274)

Tierra Heath & Taylor Koon- The ABC's of Body Positivity: Aesthetics, Boundaries & Calling it Out- 1 GENERAL CEU (Room: Griffin 276)

5pm-6pm: Evening Cocktail Party and Networking Session Fireside Chat and PatioCash bar and hors-d'oeuvres


Friday, May 19th 2023

 Time/Event Location   Details
 8am-8:30am: Check-In and Networking Session Griffin Student Center Conference Room  Enjoy a continental breakfast and an opportunity to network with other professionals
8:30am-8:45am: Presidential Welcome Griffin Student Center Conference Room President: Dr. Nina Talley 
 8:45am-9:45am: Keynote Griffin Student Center Conference Room Dr. David Julius Ford- Critical Race Theory and Its Implications for Counseling and Counselor Education- 1 GENERAL CEU
 10am-10:45am: Breakout Session Block #2 SEE LOCATION NEXT TO PRESENTATION TITLE  Danielle Rueger-MiroewskiMicro-Internships, Maximum Impact- 1 GENERAL CEU (Room: Griffin 274)

Veteran Venita Thomas- Rookwood Water: A Veteran's Transition- 1 GENERAL CEU (Room: President's Reception)

Alexis Catanzarite & Krittika Grau- Leveraging Learning Management Systems to Scale Career Services- 1 GENERAL CEU (Room: Griffin 276)

 10:45am-11am: Break    
 11am-11:45am: Breakout Session Block #3 SEE LOCATION NEXT TO PRESENTATION TITLE

Margo Long- Redefining Career Readiness with Ohio 4-H- 1 GENERAL CEU (President's Reception)

Toni Cunningham- Readiness = Retention: The Value of Transformational Career Readiness Initiatives- 1 GENERAL CEU (Room: Griffin 276)

 11:45am-1pm: Lunch

(12:30pm-1pm: Awards)

Griffin Student Center Conference Room  
 1pm-1:45pm: Vendor Meeting & Greet Round Robin Stations around conference area  
 1:45pm-2:30pm: Breakout Session Block #4 SEE LOCATION NEXT TO PRESENTATION TITLE  Brittany R. Pope, Eira Yates, & Ardelle M. Moore, LISW-S, LICDC-CSWorkplace Lessons Learned Creating a Career Pathway Program for Historically Underrepresented Groups- 1 GENERAL CEU (Room: Griffin 274)

Erica Noll Crawford- Microcredentials, Mega Impacts- 1 GENERAL CEU (Room: President's Reception)

Dr. Nina Talley- Real Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Going Beyond the Diversity Statement- 1 GENERAL CEU (Room: Griffin 276)

 2:30pm-2:45pm: Break    
 2:45pm-3:30pm: Breakout Session Block #5 SEE LOCATION NEXT TO PRESENTATION TITLE

 Julie Jones- Our Mindset Matters: Simple Actions for Thriving in a World of Constant Challenge and Change- 1 GENERAL CEU (Room: Griffin 274)

Lorrie Spivey, Psy.D., NCC, LPC- Wraparound Services with Special Populations on the Journey to Career Readiness- 1 GENERAL CEU (Room: Griffin 276)

Jocelin Dean, Kia Nalls, & April Ramey- More than Job Board: Innovating Work-Based Learning Processes for Today's World of Work- 1 GENERAL CEU (Room: President's Reception)

 3:30pm-4:30pm: Closing Session Griffin Student Center Conference Room  Closing Remarks/Giveaways/Self-Care Session

* * *

SESSION INFORMATION- Thursday, May 18th 2023

Opening Session:

Title: How to Build (and Maintain) a Personal Network

Presenter: Jeremy Banta, Assistant Professor, Supply Chain Management, Columbus State Community College

Description: Building your own network is essential to success. And “networking” has a bad rap. It elicits thoughts of forced small-talk, strangers trying to sell you things, bad munchies, sweaty palms…and generally just not a good time. Fortunately, there is a LOT more to building a network than just “networking.”

Breakout Session Block #1:

Title: Communicate Like an Improviser: Fully Listen and Respond

Presenter: Nathan Minns, Founder and CEO, Green Light Improv

Description: All non-scripted communication is improv. You will participate in exercises that allow you to isolate, practice, and improve your communication skills, ultimately focusing on the 3 steps to listen like an improviser. As communicators, first, we listen, while not listening for anything in particular. Then we pause before we respond fully in the moment. As improvisers, we must develop our active listening skills because on stage, we create stories in the moment, as a group. You will participate in exercises where you are able to use the principles of improv comedy to develop your active listening skills.

* * *

Title: The ABC's of Body Positivity: Aesthetics, Boundaries & Calling it Out

Presenters: Tierra Heath, Assistant Director of Career Development, Buckeye Careers, The Ohio State University

Taylor Koon, Career Development Specialist, Buckeye Careers, The Ohio State University

Description: Join us as we discuss body positivity & workplace culture, as well as its impact on employees. How can we adjust our language around bodies to ensure that everyone feels welcome? What do you do when your boundaries are crossed, or when you cross someone else's boundaries?

SESSION INFORMATION- Friday, May 19th 2023


Title: Critical Race Theory and Its Implications for Counseling and Counselor Education

Presenter: Dr. David Julius Ford, Associate Professor, Professional Counseling, Monmouth University

Description: Critical Race Theory (CRT) has become a buzzword and highly politicized. The teaching of CRT has been attacked and banned via legislation in P12 and Higher Education settings. The purpose of this workshop is to explain CRT’s origins, what CRT is, how it relates to government structures, where it is taught, how it relates to Counseling and Counselor Education.

Breakout Session Block #2:

Title: Micro-Internships, Maximum Impact

Presenter: Danielle Rueger-Miroewski, Associate Director of Partnerships, Parker Dewey

Description: This presentation will highlight Micro-Internships as a tool for increasing career readiness and confidence. Since May of 2022, Parker Dewey has asked recent Micro-Interns to reflect on their Micro-Internships and how these short-term, professional, project-based experiences have impacted their abilities related to each of NACE’s Career Competencies. The results demonstrate that Micro-Internships are leading to positive outcomes related to Micro-Interns’ abilities (particularly Career & Self-Development, Professionalism, and Communication) as well as their confidence. The presentation will delve into these results (, as well as outline how schools and nonprofits can easily begin their own Micro-Internship programs.

* * *

Title: Rookwood Water: A Veteran's Transition

Presenter: Veteran Venita Thomas, Chief Servant Officer, Venita Thomas Workforce Development Consulting Services, LLC

Description: “Thank you for your service” is a welcome statement that veterans receive once the identification of military service is acknowledged. The presenter will be enlightened and share the strategic measures of transition after a career development professional stated, “How can I serve you?” Transitioning from the military back to civilian life is another form of boot camp for veterans. However, when professionals offer their abilities, knowledge, and skills the journey becomes less harrowing.

* * *

Title: Leveraging Learning Management Systems to Scale Career Services

Presenters: Alexis Catanzarite, Associate Director, Healthcare Careers, Case Western Reserve University

Krittika Grau, Senior Associate Director, Career Education, Case Western Reserve University

Description: This presentation will highlight how to scale services for any department utilizing a Learning Management System and will focus on creating and delivering web-based content that is dynamic, rich, self-paced and readily available to students. While this session will be useful for anyone looking to grow their services and reach more students using technology, this will be especially valuable to someone who is 

in Career Services and pre-professional advising as we, at Case Western Reserve University, leveraged Canvas to specifically meet the needs of our ever-growing pre-health and pre-medical student population without compromising the relationship building aspects of career-services.

Breakout Session Block #3:

Title: Redefining Career Readiness with Ohio 4-H

Presenter: Margo Long, Program Manager, 4-H Workforce Development & Pathways, The Ohio State University

Description: While more jobs require post-secondary education, employers report that young people are entering the workforce unprepared. Because of their focus on developing youth potential, youth development programs are ideally suited to help students navigate the transition to post-secondary education and the workforce. All young people deserve to be career-minded AND college-minded, while preparing for the world of work. Ohio 4-H Pathways to the Future meets youth where they are to provide awareness, exploration, and prepared experiences to help them find their career pathway.

* * *

Title: Readiness = Retention: The Value of Transformational Career Readiness Initiatives

Presenter: Toni Cunningham, President & CEO, Godman Guild Association

Description: In this workshop we will discuss the importance of developing a program that provides a strong foundation for job seekers. We will explore the importance of engaging the untapped workforce in readiness work that will enable a higher likelihood of success as they move into skill-based training programs or directly into the world of work. In addition, we will discuss the value that a strong career readiness program brings to employers as it lessens the turnover rate and ultimately has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Breakout Session Block #4:

Title: Workplace Lessons Learned Creating a Career Pathway Program for Historically Underrepresented Groups

Presenters: Brittany R. Pope, Assistant Vice President, Clinical Sciences & Research, OhioGuidestone

Eira Yates, Director, Parents as Teachers and Fatherhood, OhioGuidestone

Ardelle M. Moore, LISW-S, LICDC-CS, DEI&B Coordinator & Supervisor, Community  Counseling, OhioGuidestone

Description:  The call for greater diversity among mental health professionals to meet public health needs is loud and clear. This session presents lessons learned from a licensure exam preparation pilot program established to increase diversity and client-provider representation at a community based non-profit organization. The session includes strategies to raise advocate for executive sponsorship, funding, and policies to expand diversity and belonging in workplaces. Presenters share the importance of mentorship to promote “identity-safe environments” that enhance workplace belonging, while creating sustainable practices that can be expanded to other organizations and fields to increase inclusion and equity for current and future workforces.

* * *

Title: Microcredentials, Mega Impacts

Presenter: Erica Noll Crawford, Microcredentialing Program Manager, Miami University Regionals

Description: Join us to learn more about the new higher education buzzword, Microcredentials. Attendees of this session will learn what a Microcredential is and how implementing them can assist with student recruitment, retention, and completion. Best of all, they will learn how they can create their own meaningful Microcredential Programs leveraging what is already being done at their institutions. This session will cover the lessons learned by Miami University Regionals in the creation of their Microcredential offerings, which have awarded over 1,400 credentials to date in almost thirty different programs.

* * *

Title: Real Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace, Going Beyond the Diversity Statement

Presenter: Dr. Nina Talley, Director, Career Services, Bethune-Cookman University

Description: This workshop takes an intentional look into data, policies, and leadership in contemporary contexts in leading individuals, departments, and organizations in supporting minorities in the workplace. Leave with practical hands-on knowledge and tools to determine if an organization aligns with the needs of the participant.

Breakout Session Block #5:

Title: Our Mindset Matters: Simple Actions for Thriving in a World of Constant Challenge and Change

Presenter: Julie Jones, Founder & Mental Performance Coach, SSC Performance, LLC

Description:  In today's ever-changing career landscape, it’s important to understand the power of our mindset as we move and grow in our careers. Change is constant, necessary, terrifying and vitally important for PEAK PERFORMANCE. Regardless of what our environment throws at us, we can enhance our success with a few simple questions, increased self-awareness and a better understanding of how our thoughts and feelings impact our success in the workplace. Learn how our amazing brain helps and hinders our achievement and ability to manage change. Then implement a few simple tools to manage your mindset and move toward your peak performance!

* * *

Title: Wraparound Services with Special Populations on the Journey to Career Readiness

Presenter: Lorrie Spivey, Psy.D., NCC, LPC, Manager, Counseling and Accessibility Services, Sinclair Community College

Description: This discussion will explore how Sinclair Community College has utilized collaboration and already in place resources to provide wraparound supports to prepare our students to enter the workforce the workforce. Sinclair College proudly serves a diverse population of students from all walks of life and understands that providing open enrollment opportunities also means needing to offer supports that will assist students in their educational journeys. I will discuss our journey, challenges and successes as we serve more students with more comprehensive needs as we have collaborated to reach students on their journey to belong and to be career ready.  The discussion will specifically discuss our comprehensive transition program that serves individuals with intellectual disabilities. 

* * *

Title: More than Job Board: Innovating Work-based Learning Processes for Today's World of Work

Presenters: Jocelin Dean, Worksite Developer: Business & Public Services, Sinclair Community College

Kia Nalls, Worksite Developer: Science, Math, & Engineering, Sinclair Community College

April Ramey, Worksite Developer: Liberal Arts, Communication, & Social Sciences, Sinclair Community College

Description: Have you or someone you know ever posted a position on one of these job posting sites, and prayed that someone perfect, or at least qualified for the position would apply? It’s the traditional way of recruiting that we’re all too familiar with. Experiential learning introduces us to a new way of preparing students for the workforce, beyond the classroom. This unique approach marries the concept of work and learn in perfect harmony. From the “why” to the “how”, let’s explore how we can continue to build the world of work through innovative techniques and practices.

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